Hi, my name is Dale and I'd like you to read my blog.

I'm a very mediocre white dudebro with very little experience in life, but a lot of shit to post. I primarily like Programming, Video Games, Touhou and also some boring, normie interests like "music", "literature", "movies" and japanese 2d women.

I'm currently employed as Frontend Developer by a certain concerned party, and also have a few side projects I'm currently working on in the fields of food-tech and communication.
I'm also starting my own little open-source thingy called Miracle TV, which I hope to get to shipable version until February.

I also have a homepage.

It may be shallow now, but I'm hoping to fill this blog with exciting content, scorchingly hot takes, completely uncalled opinions and general musings on the nature of shitposting condition.

I have several means of communication available, but preferable is through my Mastodon

But don't expect frequest updates (although I'm hoping for at least some semblance consistency in schedule), after all, writing is Overhyped.

Rember Happy Day, peace.